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Transforming beautiful images into pieces of Art

Learn From the Professional Photographer Qualified Master.

Take your photography to the next level by learning professional techniques from Master Photographer Joseph K.S. Tan at JMP School of Photography.


Learn from the best and gain valuable knowledge to optimize your photography skills.

Joseph Master Photography offers a range of photography courses that cater to amateurs and professionals alike.


For those who love to take good photograph, this is the course you should not miss. Whether you use a Mobile phone, a compact camera or a DSLR camera, this course for you. 

Joseph K.S. Tan who founded  JOSEPH MASTER PHOTOGRAPHY since April 1992 has been conducted this course to thousands of students. Don't miss this chance to learn from a UK- Professional Photographer Qualified Master since 1983. 

 (Currently all Lessons are conducted via ZOOM online).

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There are 25 rules to guide you in taking good portraits. You shall then be able to take good photos by following some of these rules as your guideline. And much more to learn including lighting, posing, framing, composition, balancing of photos, eye-direction ect. You will learn 3 types of Portraits i.e. Classical, Glamour and Fashion Portraits.

(Currently all lessons are conducted via ZOOM online)



The goal for this course is to enable trainees to refine their photography technical skills and train them to appreciate how to make a striking picture for conveying a message.

Applying Commercial Photography techniques, such as taking Still Life and Live Products, Food and Drinks, Creative of special effect by applying the Painting with Light Technique and preparation of props etc. There are also practicals with different subject for this course

(Currently all lessons are conducted via ZOOM online)



This course is designed to provide trainees with deeper unsderstanding of the controls      they could have in photography, and shares with trainees advanced practical tips for capturing good in tricky conditons.

Instructions are given both in lectures and practical sessions , for trainees to thoroghly graps both the theories and their application.

The goal is to enable trainees to master the knowhow for expressing themselves through their images.

( Currently all lessons are conducted via ZOOM online)

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